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IMG_0163“Choosing a school to partner with is one of the most important decisions a parent has to make regarding their child’s education. From kindergarten to high school graduation, as many as fourteen years of a child’s life are spent with men and women who profoundly shape your child’s future. With this in mind, high standards, quality curriculum and researched instructional methods are hallmarks of Montgomery Area Independent Schools. Yet, we are also able to provide a Christ centered, safe, nurturing, and challenging environment in which your child can thrive. We encourage you to visit this River Region Expo to find the right fit for your child.” -Dr. Misty Overman,  Alabama Christian Academy Head of School


“Thank you for taking time to explore independent schools in the River Region! I hope that you will enjoy this opportunity to learn more about the variety of independent school offerings in our area. Although we may have different missions that drive our schools, all of the independent schools in the area offer parents the opportunity to invest in the lives their children — and that’s perhaps the most important investment that a parent can make. In return, independent schools offer caring communities of learning that will prepare children to meet the challenges that they will face in college, in their careers and in their lives to come. It is my sincere hope that you will choose to visit the campus of The Montgomery Academy. We would love the opportunity to share more information with you about our mission of developing ‘leaders committed to honor, scholarship, service and the pursuit of excellence.’ We look forward to welcoming you!” – John McWilliams, The Montgomery Academy Head of School

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“The River Region is fortunate to be home to many Independent Schools. These diverse choices allow parents to find a school that meets the unique needs of their child. Macon East Academy offers college preparatory, grade level curriculum in a safe and nurturing atmosphere that promotes achievement, patriotism, and Christian values. Our smaller class sizes allow faculty and staff to know your child, so that we may provide encouragement both in and out of the classroom. Our family atmosphere, paired with challenging courses, gives children endless opportunities to grow and learn. We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our Macon East family.” – Mr. Glynn Lott, Macon East Academy Headmaster

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“Our community is certainly blessed to have such a rich and varied group of educational options from which to choose. Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School exists to enable our young men and women to discover their God-given talents and thus become the best version of themselves. I am thrilled that we are a part of this fabulous event, which will give families an opportunity to learn more about the missions of our non-public schools.” – Anne O. Ceasar, Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School President

Dr.-Mitchell_PCA-President_2018-227x300 “Smaller class sizes and more opportunity for individual support set independent schools apart from most public education settings. Independent schools offer unique academic flexibility and opportunities that can transform the learning process for students. We also allow families to select the culture and values they want their children educated in as we can reinforce what’s taught in the home. This event gives parents an opportunity to meet with school staff and discuss how they can serve their families.”  – Dr. Ron Mitchell, PCA President

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“Montgomery is fortunate to have a myriad of options for parents as they choose an educational path for their children. We have so enjoyed working with our peer schools to create an invaluable opportunity for our community. The River Region Independent School Expo on November 29, 2018 at Huntingdon College, will give area families a chance to get to know each of us – in one visit. The guests at the Expo will learn more about the mission of each of the host schools, what makes each of us unique, while also learning the role independent schools play in the greater community. I look forward to the Independent School Expo growing and becoming an annual event for families looking at schools in Central Alabama so they are able to make the most informed decision possible for their children’s education.” – Dr. Larry McLemore, Saint James Head of School

3Kerry_Palmer30504“An education as unique as your child” is a phrase we often use to describe our independent school.  Free of the bureaucratic red tape that can often slow the process of change, independent schools are quick, nimble, and responsive to the ever-shifting landscape of teaching and learning.  We are mission-driven, and this distinctive allows parents to select a school that best meets the needs of their children. We are small, allowing us to know and bond with our families.  Most importantly, we are dedicated to “influencing the influencers,” as we send our students out to lead and serve with conviction and confidence. – Kerry Palmer, Trinity Head of School